S1 Accounting Vision and Mission


“In 2024, become an advanced Accounting Program at the national level and internationally recognized.”


  1. Conduct higher education professionally and produce graduates who are competent in the field of accounting.
  2. Improve the quality of human resources capable of contributing to the nation’s development.
  3. Conduct higher education processes focused on the study, mastery, and development of Accounting and its applications, with a fundamental concept of both manual and computer-based principles.
  4. Generate research and development in accounting science oriented toward the needs of academics and practitioners.
  5. Carry out community service related to the field of accounting science.
  6. Develop close cooperation and relationships between the knowledge and the implementation of accounting science with other institutions, such as government agencies, business companies, social and educational institutions, and other organizations within the community.


  1. Produce professional and competent graduates with the skills and critical thinking ability to design and comprehend accounting and accounting systems.
  2. Produce quality human resources competent in the provision of education, research, and community service.
  3. Produce graduates with a broad understanding of business, industry, technology, and the ability to effectively and efficiently apply accounting knowledge.
  4. Produce research works that are beneficial for the development of accounting science oriented toward the needs of academics and the community.
  5. Carry out community service activities that can address real issues related to the field of accounting science.
  6. Establish networks and collaborations with other institutions and the community in the development of accounting science through research and community service.


  1. The implementation of the Three Pillars of Higher Education, which includes education, research, and community service, is well-established.
  2. The administrative system is in accordance with the main duties and functions of higher education.
  3. The realization of the usefulness of science and technology in helping the community solve accounting problems.
  4. The creation of graduates with competence in accounting, high competitiveness, added value based on noble religious and humanitarian values; able to analyze from various interdisciplinary approaches and analytical methodologies.