About Manajemen S1

Department Description

The Department of Management is a scientific field that studies the activities of companies or corporations, which is still related to economics and business. The Bachelor of Management study program produces Management Bachelors who have managerial competence and an entrepreneurial and research spirit so that they are able to plan, lead and develop businesses and analytical skills that are profit-oriented or non-profit. In the Bachelor of Management Study Program, the concentrations offered are; Human Resources Management and Marketing Management, for reasons of relevance to the existence of the certification scheme in the Uniga Management Study Program and the final assignment specialization. The Bachelor of Management Study Program curriculum refers to KKNI (Indonesian National Qualifications Framework), competence, SKKNI (Indonesian National Work Competency Standards), MBKM (Free Learning Campus), adapting to the current situation.

The uniqueness of the Bachelor of Management Study Program is

“Having Managerial and Entrepreneurial Skills in Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises”

Field of Study for Bachelor of Management Study Program

  1. Business
  2. Management
  3. Organization
  4. Culture
  5. Communication and Information Technology
  6. Research Methods
  7. Entrepreneurship