Asian totals in mostbet

most bet

Gamblers who are well versed in betting at mostbet know what the system of totals is and how it functions. They do not need to be reminded again what a total over 2.5 or under 2.5 means. In reality, it means a loss or a gain.

The concept of Asian totals at mostbet

Totals of this type are subdivided in two categories: Full or 0.25 multiples which is a fractional number. They are very easy to understand at mostbeet. Here everything is very clear and transparent. The player gets a full refund if more than 3 goals are scored during the game. In this case, his prediction came true completely and exactly 3 goals were scored.

Otherwise, the classical variant of the total at most bet has the following layout

– 2 missed goals – the bettor's defeat in most bet;
– 4 goals or more – victory.
By analogy, when betting less than 3:
– 3 goals in a soccer match – return of the amount;
– 2 – win;
– 4 and more than this value – loss of investment.

Under 2.0 Total in moatbet


It is a little harder to navigate if the figure in moatbet is divisible by 0.25. They look like: Total Over 0.75, Under 2.25. They are made by adding the arithmetic mean between a pair of totals located in close proximity. Not exceeding 2.25, the figure is between 2.0 and 2.5. Often BKs call this kind of bet: "total less than 2.0, 2.5" at mostbeet.

Other totals at the moatbet casino

When betting on less than 2.25 it is automatically divided into: less than 2.5 and 2.0. For a complete victory both of these conditions must be met. It means that not more than 1 goal should be scored in a match. Then a bet on moat bet casino will justify itself completely, and the sum corresponding to the odds will be received. If three goals are conceded during the game, all the money invested will be lost.
If the total is more than 2.25, 2 bets are repeated: the total exceeds 2.0 and 2.5. If there are 3 goals, both bets in the most bet win. If there are 2 goals, the bet over 2.5 will not bring any profit, and the other one will return the money. If the only goal is conceded or not scored at all during the meeting, the player will lose the invested money completely.